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Some free and useful marketing tips from Tim Cohen - Founder of
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You need a website! - 2011-09-13

 Most  South Africans prefer to use the internet to search for products & services,  dont you?  Having a  website has become a business neccessity for far more than marketing your business. You can communicate with them via bulk e-mail & sms, send them a monthly newsletter. You chat and assist them on... more

Do you need a new website? - 2011-07-29

Every business should have a website. It has become a business tool, for far more than just marketing your company. You can interact with your customers and even sell to them online and they can also easily find you through Google. ... more

If you care about your business, you WILL read this letter! - 2011-06-27

NEED MORE CUSTOMERS? SICK OF EXPENSIVE & USELESS ADVERTISING?   We are here to help :) WWW.FINDTHEM.CO.ZA  - Effective, Affordable & Easy   HOW? We give you much more than anyone else and we charge you much less. SIMPLE :) AND HERE IT IS....... R1000 for your own page on - yes full page wi... more

FINDTHEM.CO.ZA - All About Internet marketing - 2011-05-16

  Internet marketing -  we show you how! STEP 1 Get your business  on the internet. Foot traffic is often not enough and landlords are becoming less and less involved in marketing their tenants. Print media is just not as effective as it used to be, and has become so expensive. These days 95% of all searches for products or serv... more

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