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What is Social Competence, and do we need it?

Social competence or social skills are about tolerance, acceptable behaviours and knowing how to act in various situations so that you don't embarrass yourself, or make others feel uncomfortable.  It is not about being a snob, or being elitist, or a way to "look down on others".

Self-Confidence, Emotional Intelligence and Social Adaptability are all fundamentally linked to the way in which you perceive your relationship to your environment and to the people in it.

The development of character and skills for life are vital in building self-confidence, self-esteem and being able to adapt and thrive in an increasingly complicated world.  

Our courses are a foundation that both parents and teachers can build on by example.  The teaching methods are fun, interactive and entertaining.

We believe that 
Social Competence = Social Confidence and what better gift to give your child, be they toddlers, tweens or teens, than the ability to interact and develop socially.  The principle is the same, whether you are sharing a toy, attending your first party or shopping at the mall with your friends ? treat others the way that you would like to be treated - that is the golden rule.

Some important aspects of social skills training programmes include:

  •    Self-identity, self-confidence: With a high self-confidence you are able to 'rise above' certain onslaughts, strong in the knowledge of who you are and what you are made of.
  •    First impressions: Although first impressions are often misleading, they last an amazingly long time!
  •    Values: If you want to know what you believe, then look at what you do.
  •    Graciousness: Saying "Thank you", overlooking the faults of others, having the courage to admit your mistakes, and the strength to ask for forgiveness. Treating people better than they think they deserve.
  •    Respect: Others, even those who have a different opinion and way of life to our own, have an equal right to exist as you do. Our children are growing up in a world with fewer and fewer borders. The only borders they will have as adults will be the ones in their minds.
  •    Gentleness & Courtesy: Learning how to say what needs to be said, or do what needs to be done, in a way that doesn't damage those around you. Creating a "safe" way of behaviour.
  •    Responding appropriately to authority and rules: Rules and laws make the world a safer and more enjoyable place. Games are more fun and easier to understand and play when everyone follows the rules. Responding in the correct way to people and situations is essential to living a well-balanced and productive life. Jails and prisons are full of people who thought otherwise.
  •    Living, playing and working together: Learning how to be a gracious winner or loser, being a good friend, taking turns in conversation and 'sharing the spotlight', working in a team to accomplish a goal, how to compromise and how to reach a consensus.
  •    Compassion, empathy and focusing on others: Being able to see the needs of others, and understanding how they feel. For instance, when meeting someone new and knowing what will make them feel comfortable, or being introduced to somebody who is at a disadvantage, and knowing how to respond without offending them, or embarrassing yourself.

  • Terrific Toddlers


Even from the age of 2 years old a child can learn that certain behaviours are acceptable and others not. As soon as a child can communicate, and respond to suggestion, they can begin to learn the basic building blocks that will form the foundation of their social mannerisms.

This process takes time, and can only bear fruit when applied with patience, love and sometimes seemingly endless repetition.  Making the introduction to these fundamentals fun, exciting and creatively stimulating is essential in order to foster a desire to learn.  Praise and positive affirmation are both tools and by-products of the Terrific Toddler program.

All of our lessons contain creative and diverse elements.  Songs, role-playing games, rhymes and puppets are a few of the tools that are used to stimulate the children, and keep their attention.  The songs are easy to learn, catchy, and designed to reinforce at home what the child learns in the class.

Included in the Programme
Course Information

Booking  Please contact us to make a booking. Enquiry should include course date choice, child?s gender and age 


Teenagers today are faced with many challenges. Society predicts behaviour and the line between what is expected and what is right can be blurred.  

Through self esteem and courtesy, you child will be able to find their way with ease around scenarios. 

Course Information

Weekend Workshops - 2011

  •   Manners all around ( personal, family and School) -                    
       29 Jan, 28           May, 24 Sept
  •     Fine Dining Do?s and Don?ts - 19 Feb, 12 June,   
        8 October
  •     The Gracious teen ? Lady and Gentleman  - 21 May,                  
        10  September
  •     Introductions ? The crucial firsts - 7 May, 5 November

Times: The classes are from 09:00 - 13:30.
Cost: R360.00 per class
General: Minimum 8 maximum 15 students
Flash cards and guidebook included
Snacks will be served


Please contact us for a booking.

Enquiry should include course date choice, child?s gender and age . 
Training Venue Details: 16B Penguin Drive Norscot. Tel: 011 465 2400/2239 
Contact us to present a class in your area. Norscot Manor Recreation Centre

My Upper Room - Kids social awareness, kids manners, social skills, character values, ethical behaviour and your all children's social competence training - Johannesburg   My Upper Room - Kids social awareness, kids manners, social skills, character values, ethical behaviour and your all children's social competence training - Johannesburg



Food for Thought

"The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any."

Fred Astaire


Kind Kids Club


Presenting Tanner?s Manners - teaching your child through interactive lessons and songs to be a Tanner?s Manners Cool Kind Kid. This programme has been running for 9 years with huge success in the United States.  The recipient of numerous awards, this 4 Module programme is tailor made for pre-teens.   Through interactive lesions, role-play and songs learning social graces becomes fun.   Through this programme, we provide children between ages 6 and 12 with the foundation and the tools they need in order to grow, as their role in society grows. 

The programs will teach your child:

Social Skills ? to be comfortable in any  social situation 

 Good Manners ? to respect themselves   and others

 Etiquette Rules ? how to get along with   each other, to be ?cool kids with kind     hearts.?

Behaviour around the house ? including   table manners, telephone skills and       ?meeting and greeting.?

Behaviour at school ? treating               teachers, school employees and peers   with respect and consideration.

 Bullying prevention ? Redefining           ?cool,? so kids learn that the ?kind? kid   is the ?cool? kid, not the bully.

The programs includes activity sheets, reference sheets and punt cards.  A completion certificate will be issued. 

Tanner?s Manners Anti-Bullying ? A Proactive approach

Students are taught a proactive rather than a reactive approach.  It teaches the child to resist the deception of bullying and helps the child to redefine being ?cool?.

The activities help children to realise 

They don?t need to be a bully 
They can stand up to a bully 
They don?t deserve to be bullied 
Bullying hurts the bully, not just those being bullied.   Bullying is the ultimate ?uncool?


Please contact us to make a booking.

Enquiry should include course date choice, child?s gender and age  

                 When is it "Bad Behavior", Aren't "Kids Just Kids"?


Main Contact Number: 
072 724 8332 

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My Upper Room 
P O Box 1539  
Sunninghill 2157

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Kids social awareness, kids manners, social skillscharacter valuesethical behaviour and your all children's social competence training - Johannesburg
Kids social awareness, kids manners,
social skillscharacter valuesethical behaviour and your all children's social competence training - Johannesburg

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