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Why Insulate?, As a law of physics, hot air will always attempt to move towards cold air to reach an equilibrium. If you do not have Insulation material on your ceiling, there is nothing stopping the hot air from moving into the house via the ceiling boards. This causes the temperature inside to rise. In winter the exact opposite happens, the warmer air generated by a heat source, will rise and escape through the ceiling into the roof. To stop this flow, insulation is needed to trap the hot air and keep it where it belongs.

Every home or office needs to save energy, it's not just a buzzword anymore, it's now a necessity. We have to take part in the drive to use less power for cooling and heating. Insulation is the starting point for any cost saving exercise. Things like solar power and heating is also very important, but most energy is used to make any space more comfortable.

ComfiZone provides the perfect solution to insulate your space by installing Cellulose Insulation
, not only is it an Excellent Insulation, but is also 100% environmentally friendly in it's composition and in the manufacturing process. Cellulose Insulation is manufactured using a mechanical milling process, using very little energy. Harmless chemicals are used to make it Fire Retardant and rodent, insect and mold resistant.

What to Install 

CZ Cellulose Insulation is a Product Manufactured from Recycled News print. It is treated with fire retardants, fungicide and insecticides for obvious reasons. The result is a highly effective thermal and acoustic insulation that cannot burn, rot or be eaten by Insects or Rodents. It is not harmful to Humans or Pets and is non allergic.

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Green Facts : 

Cellulose uses less energy to produce than any other insulation material. This is known as embodied energy and includes the total energy required to transport the raw materials, manufacture and distribute the product. Fiberglas has up to 10 times more embodied energy than cellulose and foam products up to 64 times.

Cellulose has the highest level of recycled content in the insulation industry - up to 85%. Cellulose insulation is made with recycled paper, paper that might otherwise end up in a landfill. Fiberglas has a maximum of 40% recycled content and foam products little or none.

Cellulose insulation, by utilizing recycled paper, helps prevent the release of the greenhouse gas methane which would result if that same paper were sent to a landfill to decompose.

Cellulose insulation is a total biodegradable product vices fiberglas and foam residue go to a landfill, and don�t decompose.

Cellulose insulation is regionally produced. Using local recycling programs and independent recyclers, and servicing communities close to home, brings new meaning to the slogan �Think Globally, Act Locally.� ... Courtesy of CIMA


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Comfizone provide insultation sound proofing & cellucose sound proofing in Gauteng and surrounding areas. Keep the heat insdie in the winter and the cool air  inside in the summer energy saving insulation will save you money on electricity for heating and cooling your home or work place in Johannesburg Sandton Randburg south Joburg Durban Cape Town Bloomfontein and country wide south africa. Eco friendly insulation Fire Retardant and rodent & insect and mold resistant  insulation. save money keep you house warm, save money through winter and summer on your electrcity bills national wide in southern africa. Insulation thats also sound proof johannesburg.  

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